The lush green lawn of your dreams is very achievable with our experienced landscaping Company. A new lawn can also be installed from seed. It is extremely important that a good subsurface has been prepared before you ever begin the planting process or laying down new sod. Proper grading, drainage and soil prep is the first step in any Lawn Installation process. The optimal time to start a lawn from seed is either in early spring or in late summer/early fall.
A seeded lawn requires a bit of effort up front and will take some time to mature into the lush green lawn of your dreams. In spite of a higher cost, sod is easier and more likely to grow into a beautiful, new lawn in a shorter period of time. After installation, sod also needs regular watering but not near as much as planted seed. One of the biggest benefits of a sod installed lawn is the instant gratification of having a rich green property in the shortest possible time.